Hi! From Houston, TX USA (currently visiting Lagos, Nigeria)

Hi everyone!

My name is Crystal and I have no developer skills whatsoever lol. I heard about softr on Reddit and am currently using it to build my startup. My startup is a retreat marketplace much like Airbnb. I signed up a few days ago and I am looking forward to building friendships with other users.

I whiteboarded my MVP with my mechanical pencil on a blank sheet of paper (old school, I know!) and phase one will be a retreat directory behind a pay wall and a blog. There will be two user groups, travelers and retreats. I’m open to questions and constructive criticism.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone :))

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Hey @ExistenceProject,

Welcome to community, did you start building your MVP in Softr? Of you are in the process and have questions I’ll be glad to help :slight_smile: