Hi from Dan in Fargo!

Hi everyone! I’m Dan from Automation Helpers

I’ve worked in tech companies leading solutions consulting and professional services teams, but always found myself gravitating towards no-code tools. I started a YouTube channel to share my tips, and lo and behold we’ve been helping small and mid-sized businesses ever since!

We do a lot of work with Airtable/SmartSuite/Make/Zapier and Softr is a great fit within the stack of helping operations teams streamline processes.

We’re working with one client now building a full command-and-control platform with Softr to keep track of communications (think call center) for medical teams.

Another client has a robust network of partners across the U.S. for sales and implementation of municipal water treatment systems. Softr enables them to track opportunities across their internal and external sales teams.

Looking forward to learning from all of you!

Hi @automationhelpers, nice to e-meet you, welcome to the community :tada:

Welcome Dan,

Glad to see you here.