Hi from Catalonia!

Hello Softr Team and Community!
I’m new here and in and also in the #nocode world.
I’m started using Softr some days ago and I’m really surprised how easy is to convert an idea to an appilication with a few clicks.
I’m still in the free plan, learning how it works, but I’m really impressed. I started creating PòdCATs.cat, a minimal podcast directory or searcher of podcasts recorded in catalan, my native language, connecting Softr and Airtable and simply that works! with a few clicks!
I’m really impressed!
I’m a lot of doubts, questions and new ideas, but first, I’ll read the documentation and community posts and if I can’t find what I need, I will use this channel to ask to the community.

Great job for all who create/support Softr and the community that helps newbees as me.

Jordi Ausió.

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Welcome, Jordi,

When I started with softr a while ago, I had the exact same feeling

’ I’m really surprised how easy is to convert an idea to an application with a few clicks.’


Hey Jordi,

Welcome to Softr Community :slight_smile:

Nice app :star_struck:


Welcome to the community! I’m a recent resident of Barcelona. Bookmarking your app so I can practice my Catalan! :smile_cat: