Hey Howdy Hi from Asheville, NC!

I’m the Project Manager for the Home Repair Program with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity.

I’m working on a collaboration tool for our local Habitat and some other local Home Repair orgs.

Basically we’re trying to streamline the Needs Requests process for our Families Served to be able to fill out 1 submission, have 1 assessment, and then each of our orgs can take on parts of the Scope of Work to more completely serve the community member.

We’re calling the project Asheville Regional Coalition for Home Repair, or ARCHR.

I’m about 2 months into development, I’m building out a few different things:

  • ARCHR Assessor app to take in Form Submissions, turn the repair requests into Specific Tasks (instances of tasks from a Task Library, then group tasks into ‘Workscopes’ to send to the individual orgs’ Project Managers.

I have working versions of the Workscope Builder, Add Task from Library, and Create New Task pages
(with TABS Thanks to Matthieu Chateau!)

  • Habitat Home Repair Specific app for Site Supervisors to track the progress of the job, review Workscopes, log notes, staff & volunteer hours, keep a running tally of material expenses by Job & Funding Source (some grants we can only use for certain work, so once we hit the $ ceiling we have to switch $ pools) and finally mark tasks as Complete and add ‘Finished’ photos.

This one is creating some interesting challenges sharing information between the Shared ARCHR Base and the Internal Habitat Base

  • Other Collaborator app that’s basically a stripped down version of the Habitat Specific app without all the funding and volunteer stuff, and only uses the ARCHR Base.

It’s our goal to make a system that could be modular enough to break out and set up in other places too! So I’m really trying to design with the goal of reproducibility (clone the Airtable Base, spend a day setting up the intergrations and object dependencies, and Bob’s-Your-Uncle we have an Charlotte Regional Coalition for Home Repair (though CRCHR isn’t as catchy :yum:) or Poughkeepsie, or Calcutta, where ever :person_shrugging:.

I’m learning a lot from this community and I really appreciate all the work y’all put in to answer questions and share knowledge, I’m sure you’ll be hearing quite a bit from me as the wrinkles start needing ironing out.