Help with stripe payment integration

I have set up a stripe subscription payment.

I have also set up a discount code for employees so we can review the site without actually paying anything. I have tried to process a subscription for myself and I get an error.
Unfortunately all it says is “something went wrong, please try again”. I have no idea what is wrong and whether it’s with the subscription product, the discount code or something else. Can somebody please help me?

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Hey @Kate,

Just posting the cause of the problem here perhaps it will help other users as well :slight_smile:

Customer facing coupons are not supported in Softr, so when creating a coupon on Stripe, please make sure to disable the toggle for the customer facing option.

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And if you want a customized discount code, enter that code as the ID when you create the coupon in Stripe.

Customer facing coupons is now supported. Tested and it works.