Help with softr and airtable with summary cards block

Hello everyone! I hope you can help me with a query. I am helping a vehicle processing agency develop its customer portal with softr and airtable. The point is that on the “home” page we want to insert the dynamic block “summary cards” that summarizes in each procedure the number of procedures in a given state. Procedures are: transfers, registrations, notifications, duplicates… Statuses are: entry, in process, sent, incident…
The point is that in Airtable there are almost 10,000 customer records with procedures and the procedures are in a single select field where each one of them appears. The states are also a simple select field where each one is collected.
from them.
The question is if there is any way to add the records of procedures and statuses and then associate that total in the summary cards block as a dashboard.
I hope I have expressed myself minimally well and that someone can give me a hand.
Thank you very much in advance