HELP: Tricky Embed Sign Up/In

Hi all! I’m at a loss and looking for assistance… We are embedding Softr on an existing site to use it as a built in Marketplace for logged in users. The overall goal is for them to:

  1. Have member-access to a resource center and other community pages (on existing Squarespace)
  2. Create/view/filter/edit member profiles (through embedded Softr)
  3. Create/view/filter/edit listings of businesses for sale that are associated with their own profiles (through embedded Softr)

Any one of these objectives is easy independently, or possibly even two at a time. But I can’t think of a way to make all three of them work together…

We don’t want members to have to signup/login to Squarespace Member Areas (which would create a Squarespace profile and give them access to general community content) and THEN have to signup/login again to create/view/filter/edit their Softr profiles and business listings.

I did consider just having a single point of access at Squarespace and leaving the Softr profiles and listings unprotected. Users could simply submit forms, and Airtable and Features would take care of the rest. But then how would users access/edit their profiles and listings if they are only logged into the Squarespace site and aren’t logged in to the embedded Softr?

The other (easier) option, given my limited knowledge, would be to leave Squarespace unprotected (or a single shared password) and then have a working member-only embedded Softr marketplace. The only trouble with that is we wouldn’t be able to filter outsiders from the private website content on Squarespace.

I feel like having two user profiles (Squarespace for website access and Softr for embedded marketplace access) would be cumbersome and confusing. Is there a way to accomplish our wishlist without SSO? Or can SSO even cover this?

Open to ANY and ALL ideas and feedback because I’ve been hitting a wall these last few days, and I truly do not know what to do. There is no bad feedback here :slight_smile: Thank you for any input!