Hello from Texas

Hi there,
I’m Beth, the office manager and onboarding specialist for a small niche company with a passion to see it grow and compete within our community. Actually, that just means I’ll do anything the company needs to succeed. Including post at 3am on a board about work.

I love a great spreadsheet and have been enjoying learning how to make them sing over the past 7 years. I am a Google-search guru, if I can’t find what I’m looking for, probably neither can Google (ok so I’m not THAT good, fine!). I’ve been dabbling in HTML and WYSIWYG for years, and also now manage our company website.

After working with several other options that did not pan out, I found Softr and have been working on an app on Softr for a few months for my company’s web portal. I keep saying we need to launch now, but we’re always almost there and never there. I’m ready to launch. I am losing sleep. 3am IYKYK.

I have a few last finishing codes and needs to do but then I think we’ll ready to go. No more scope creep, Beth!

Anyway. I look forward to learning more about the app and possibilities here!

Hi @bethseam, thank you for sharing your feedback. Indeed, sometimes there are some small parts that can be added to the app to make it more complete. But, from my experience, it is better to launch and improve the app based on the user/client feedback.

In any case, welcome to the Softr Community :heart:

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