Hello from Jamal - Los Angeles


I’m Jamal, living in Los Angeles. I’m working on building an Activity Marketplace where local businesses can register with “Drop-In” (my company name) the types of activities they offer (i.e. surfing, acting, painting, scuba diving, calligraphy, etc.).

Essentially a place to easily find activities which are:

  1. Drop-Ins only (1-time activity, not a recurring package)
  2. Unique Categories (noted above, the types of things you don’t really find easily on a google search or Airbnb experiences, etc.)
  3. Active Participation (nothing passive like concert attendance)
  4. Guided Instruction (attending one means you will learn something from a professional); and
  5. Local Business Partners Only (No influencers, or people with passion projects, so a great experience will be guaranteed every time)

Would love to hear any comments and know what you all think. Could also definitely use some tips and tricks for some of these pages as well, as I feel I’m missing some essential features (but maybe I’m just new).

Hey Jamal, welcome to Softr Community :tada: When you finish the basics of your marketplace, I would recommend you share your app URL also so that we can review it and share our feedback with you. Meanwhile, you can check the live marketplace apps built by our users here: https://www.softr.io/made-with-softr

Hey Marine - thanks so much for the reply! I would love any eyes on my platform as I build it. Any and all criticism is welcome as well :slight_smile:

I just published and here’s the link: https://eulah391.softr.app (v1)

Probably a few pages that aren’t easily viewable right now, but happy to answer anything that may come up.

Thanks for the link. I checked your app and it seems there is an error when retrieving records from your data source. If you do not know how to fix it, please contact us via chat and we will do our best to help you fix it.

Regarding the app in general, I would add a separate section and would link it to the “About us” in the header block not to open the home page again when it is clicked.

Thank you, Marine.

I’ve updated the visibility into my google sheets to “anyone with link” as a “viewer” in my google drive. I think this should fix any issue seeing into it

Hey, yes, that should fix the error. Then, good luck to your app :tada: