HealthTech WebApp

Hi, I am new here and hoping to explore softr features. I want to create a web application that allows patients to look up available healthcare facilities based on the closest location. Also, patients could select a particular hospital and request any of their services such as a consultation, lab investigation, or prescription medication. I really need help on the steps and what to start with.

Sounds ambitious! The first thing I would do is determine whether or not your app can be HIPPA compliant. I don’t know what the exact requirements are, but if you are collecting data that deals with patients, medications, and such, you might want to look into that first.

I have checked out the HIPAA requirements before now and i am very sure of its guidelines. I just want to know if its possible to achive this

To answer your question, I believe you can achieve this app. However, without knowing specific details on your requirements, you could run into challenges not yet anticipated.

To get started, I would recommend establishing your backend database (“base”) first because Softr will need all of that in place for you to develop the basic site structure.

Your base will most likely need several automations too for email notifications and such. You may even need to use Zapier or Integromat depending on how complex your processes and integrations are.

Good luck!