Has anyone sucessfully pulled RSS feeds into a block using feeder, airtable and webhooks?

Not sure what block is going to be best to use, I am trying to take Airtable, and use webhooks from Feeder to Airtable and then show the output to my users. The webhooks are already a nightmare, but thats a me problem, I am trying to keep the front end user experience “shiny” in any case.

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Hi @Amelia, the following blog post may help you to configure RSS: Activation of RSS feeds | Discourse

Thanks, that wasn’t what I was trying to do. I have created a workaround, it doesn’t look great, but until there is a direct RSS integration into Softr, it will have to do. Thank you for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

I see, thanks for the update. Meanwhile, I added your message as a suggestion to our feature requests list.

@Amelia Zapier has a built in native RSS tool that we use to populate an Airtable table and then display it in our Softr app. We’ve used the timeline block as well as list blocks and table blocks to display each RSS article.

Zapier RSS/Airtable Integration

Thank you, I will try that!