Has anyone had difficulty with getting Google to index your site?


I’m struggling to get Google to successfully index my site. I’ve verified my site with Google and submitted a sitemap to Google using the following structure: https://pminsights.xyz/sitemap.xml. However, when I submit my sitemap Google throws a “couldn’t fetch” error. Does anyone has advice or tips on how to get your Softr site successfully recognized and indexed with Google?

Thank you!

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I have gotten this to work. I remember seeing that error at some point in the process but I can’t for the life of me remember why or what I did to fix it.

A couple of random thoughts:

  • any chance you entered the site map with the www? does it help to remove it?
  • can you paste a screen shot of the error message in here?

I also had a lot of trouble with my previous website, I find that it is not easy to configure the google search console with softr. If anyone has good tutorial references I’m a taker

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply! I have the sitemap entered without the www. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error below. Really appreciate your help on this :slight_smile:

It’s a bug in GSC


The status is Pending most of the time

Yeah, that is consistent with my vague memory - it fixed itself after a few days.