Happy to be able to present my project, any suggestion is welcome!

Hello, everyone!!

He built this website www.turismoporavila.com using the Softr + Airtable combo as a base, it is a website to promote tourism in the province of Ávila, in Spain.

some interesting things


  • More variety of dynamic blocks such as static Team, Testimonial or Custom Code.

  • Widgets that help add a little style to the web.

  • Some free option to be able to translate the web.

Upcoming enhancements:

  • In the coming months we will continue to add information, we will complete the sections of all the towns and we will add some companies.

  • I will create a blog to help me with SEO.

  • We’ll start with the marketing phase by integrating Stripe and displaying the pricing page I’m working on.

I leave you a video with a tour of the web in case you want to know more…Un recorrido por la web de turismoporavila.com Audio in Spanish XD

Thanks to the Softr.io team for making this possible.


Hey @Nocodeboy,

Thanks you so much for posting :slight_smile:

We really appreciate your time to provide us with this feedback. I will also share this with the team to check the application and the video you have added :slight_smile:

The options that were missed will be added to our Upcoming Features List.

Thanks once again :slight_smile:


The colors pop nice work, consider adding more photos or a different list block that emphasizes a larger photo. Avila looks beautiful and a picture is worth 1,000 words they say


This is really cool. If you want to inject beautiful looking testimonials into Softr using a no-code automation you can use the free tool Senja.io. Here’s how it works: Add testimonials to Softr

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