H1 tags are not always detected (SEO)

Hello team!

When I use HREFS or Ubersuggest and other SEO audit tools, I get errors that there is no H1 tag on my pages.

When I look at the code, I notice that the tags are present.

Nevertheless, if all the tools come up with the same error, I’m a bit worried about SEO.

Do you have an explanation for this curiosity?

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Same here.

You would need to enable JS crawling in those tools. They still believe web pages should be rendered without any Javascript

I don’t think so. The tags aren’t rendered in JS, but in pure HTML.

Pls share your page so we can check. Our blocks are rendered via JS

Oh yes, I wasn’t paying attention. I was looking in the browser’s development tools. But in fact, in the source code, I realize that the H1s aren’t there…

This explains why content appears in blocks on web pages, in a confusing order.
I hope it doesn’t hurt the search engines too much …

I’ll get used to living with SEO alerts.
Thanks for your reply.

PS If you want to have a look anyway : fixmyspace.ch :wink: