H1 Tag and SEO optimisation for detail pages

Hi everyone,
I am trying to make SEO-friendly detail pages. When I run them through an H1 checker, they tell me that the H1 tag (and actually any heading) is missing. I am loading all of the headings and most content from the specific row in Airtable.

How can I optimize my detail pages for SEO and add dynamic H1 tags? Anything else I am missing?

The main content comes from the blocks: List details page with side image and List with horizontal cards and visible button.

Here are the pages I want to index:

Many thanks!

Have you set: Show heading tag settings in app settings?

Also if sharing a record: add these 2 fields to the airtable:
Social:Image and Social:Title

ref: List Details Block Overview – Softr Help Docs

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Nice, thanks for the tip, I didn’t know that option exists. However, is there a way to generate them dynamically? For these detail pages I want to index, the name is always different….

Regarding the social fields:
When I add them to Airtable but leave empty, it will take the info from my SEO fields right? Will this not happen if I don’t add the social fields ?

Many thanks !

You don’t want to leave empty. use a formula referencing one of the columns. eg {image} that way, the image from the record will show in the meta.

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Thanks for your help with this @cooper ! In fact, you taught me something new about exposing those “heading tag settings”. Thanks for that!

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Can I dynamically create H1 tags? Also, for the blocks I use, I am unable to set H1 tags…