H1 heading isn't recognized?

I’m using a tool called WebCEO that gives me a SEO site audit. It’s giving me some pages that it says they don’t have H1 heading.

There are pages that have text blocks, on which I have tested on one putting H1/H2 headings to everything and WebCEO says they still don’t have.

And there’s also a page with no text block which WebCEO says it misses H1/H2 but where I don’t have any option in the menu to set those.

What am I doing wrong? :smile:

Have you examined the page source to confirm that the h1 tags are present?

I did now, I see in the line before the there’s a loooooong row which contains “h1Size:24px;–h2Size:16px;–h3Size:13px”

It mentions the size but it’s not the < h1> format I’d expect.

Otherwise there’s nothing else with keyword h1

I’ve found another ticket of a person that said they talked with Softr support and they didn’t know how to solve this problem. WebCEO also said I wasn’t using keywords in an H1 heading on the landing page — I changed it to contain keywords and it worked.

So at least for the hero-stack block, I know the H1 works. But it doesn’t seem to work for other blocks?