"Guest viewer": non-logged in user input field for conditional filter

Dear community,

Use case: I am building something similar to a dominos pizza-configurator where users can make their personal selection (which - in my case - creates a junction table in Airtable). Now what if you want to ask multiple parties for a quote on your pizza? One thing is certain: you DONT want to burden external party/user with a login - just to have a look at you clients configuration.

For my use case I am looking for a ‘guest viewer’ where an external party/user can view (any) configuration based on a configuration-key/id (that functions as input for the conditional filter of multiple list blocks).

Is it possible to have something like:

  • Alternative 1: (a) a landing page with a form where an ID is asked and when the form is submitted (b) a page opens where the conditional filters apply the ID as submitted earlier?
  • Alternative 2: generation of personalized URLs (I suppose within Airtable) that contain conditional filter settings in its URL for Softr to apply when clicked on?

Your ideas are much appreciated!