Greetings from Norway - Looking for a Soft friend too

My name is Frode, I live in the west coast of Norway, and just startet with softr and airtable - currently learning before putting my know-how to the task.

However, I have coded a complete CRM-system in PHP/Laravel with a team. I think I can re-create it in softr, and that is my “learning project”

Struggeling with finding a good solution for user-seats (license-control) so if someone have a guide or best practice ideas, that would be awsome to learn from.

It seems like I am going to spend time to learn this well. Looks promising and eventually get clients or create solutions that can generate some income.

Keep on creating.


Hey Frode,

Having already a deployed project in laravel, will be the perfect challenge to learn nocode using softr.
Please let us know what challenges you face down the road because I am also curious to see how you pull this off.


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I have a user table in airtable with parent and child. As I want one user to be the master user who can create internal users in the CRM system. I use “seats” and try to count used seats = number of users with client_id as “Child_of” I get the count to work, but I cant get a two way update in the same table to work. So when a new child user is registered, the amount or link in the parent user wont update, so I need to create a “control”-table. However this gives me some challenges to limit registration of new users for the master user, as I cant seem to set a limit based on how many users are registered.

SO my planned workaround or re-work is to move away from price per seat, to a price per 1 user, 5 users, 10 users and unlimited so I can try to combine a user table with data from stripe - and use stripe customer_ID and “product” to combine as a “license id” - not sure where I will meet problems… so thats why I am wondering if someone has advice on a best practice that works.

My idea is to let a master user buy access to the crm, and hoped to price per user. But it might be better to plan from user groups and limit /ad functionallity based on that.

Still experimenting, and see that there are some limitations in airtable to create two-way updates, and alter more than one table at the time.

A client ID will be tagged to all new data, customers, tasks and so on, to allow multiple businesses to register for the solution. So the structure of access is: “Client” - “Master user” - “regular user”