Greetings from Houston

My name is Raquel and I want to create an app to help contractors prepare proposals, contracts, and invoices in a simple and organized manner. This is my first app and I am new to Softr. I don’t have experience coding, so I am starting from zero. Excited to learn new things. Cheers!


Welcome @innostar / Raquel!

If you’re interested, feel free to post more details about the app you want to create, and ask specific questions about anything you get stuck with.

And since this is going to be your first app, please ask if you’d like to hear suggestions about how to get started!

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Hey @innostar,

Thanks for joining us :slight_smile:

As @dcoletta mentioned, more information about the use case would help us to provide accurate information on how to start.

Hi @dcoletta,
Thanks! I will be asking a lot of questions. I am going to be using Airtable. The user will be able (at registration) to select the service he/she provides. Based on that, he/she will have access to data specific to said service (i.e. plumbing, painting, etc.). The user then will be able to fill out contracts, invoices, etc. I am still at lost trying to understand if the automation can be done inside Softr or if I need to use other services such as Make. Also, I am not sure if I need to create an external storage and database to move and store the user’s data. Thanks

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Hi @Suzie,
Thank you.

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Say more about what automation you need exactly?