Google Sign In Problem (system doesn't allow for new registration)

I am trying to integrate google sign up on my website. I followed all the steps given on the softer website, but after login, it still shows that the system doesn’t allow for new registration. I am also attaching the image for reference, please kindly help me!

Hey. So strange - this is happening on another platform I manage as well. I’m waiting a response back for the error cause.

Google is deprecating the JavaScript library that Softr uses to implement the Sign In With Google feature. Here’s part of the email I got earlier this week:

Hello Google Developer,

You are receiving this message as a reminder that one or more of your web applications uses the legacy Google Sign-In web solution. Our announced plan stated that support for the Google Sign-In JavaScript platform library will be deprecated after March 31, 2023.

After March 31, 2023, migration to Google Identity Services is recommended to sign in customers using their Google Account to your platform. The SDK will use the new Sign in with Google client library.

In the email from Google, the above is followed by the specific client id I’m using in my Softr app, and it is in fact my Softr app.

Unfortunately, I can’t actually act on this notification – Softr is going to have to change over to the new SDK.

I’m not sure if this is related to the problems you’re seeing, but my guess is that some time ago Google stopped permitting new apps to be built using the to-be-deprecated JavaScript library.

@sahil21 and @rebeccajane can you pls share app urls ? and also are you on paid plans ? this issue can also happen when you go over your user limits

Hi @artur sorry I should have been clearer - I don’t use Google SSO with Softr. It’s with another software and it’s doing the same thing as what @sahil21 said too. Just thought I would share and if we find the cause, I’ll share here again too.

Also it says "In most cases you can simply continue to use your existing web application Client ID credentials and if necessary, update the following client settings:

  • your test and production apps use separate Projects and have their own Client IDs,
  • the OAuth 2.0 Client ID Type is “Web application”, and
  • HTTPS is used for Authorized JavaScript origins and redirect URIs."

Thanks @rebeccajane I see. @sahil21 case however I think is related to payment plan and if they are on free they hit the limits if not they just upgraded then they need to hit publish and will work out

@artur (Domain) (Softr)
Please let me know how can I resolve this issue.

Has this been solved? Neither my sign-up nor sign-in links work anymore.

Hey @Michael_Property_Wal,

Can I please ask you to share the link with me to check?

Does this work for you?

Hey Suzie,

I shared the link - we noticed that we can get the integration to work on a separate site we setup, but not on the original site which is built out.

Any recommendations/news? It looks like we had 180 sign-ups over the last couple of weeks, but due to the integration no longer working none of our users can access the system =/.

Hey Suzie - I got sign-up working again. I regenerated a new token and it’s working. The only issue I’m facing now is that newly registered users [using Google SSO] are not syncing to our Airtable DB. I suspect this has been answered elsewhere, I think it may involve the recent java update to Google - any advice? I’m good if you point me at an existing solution thread.

Hello @Michael_Property_Wal,

Can I please ask you to add the website URL for us to do a few checkups?

We did not have such a known issue but will do our best to help.

Hey @Michael_Property_Wal,

I found your reply in DM and was able to check the issue, we checked the logs and it seems now that newly registered users successfully go to Airtable.

If you still notice anything wrong, please let me know.