Google Sheets vs Airtable

Curious if anyone likes using one more than the other? I think views on Airtable are a nice to have, but google sheets can handle so much more data for free.

Anyone care to share their experience switching from one to another?

This is a good question to see what people are thinking.

I personally like Airtable’s column types and the possibilities that they give to connect table columns to each other in different tables. On the other hand, indeed, Google Sheets gives the possibility to handle more data for free.

@aar0n in my case, I am using both of them in the same project. The reason is because I prefer sheets for people who have to sell products in the company, and Airtable like the brain of the process. The other day @Suzie was quite surprised with my way of using databases jajaja. As the project is a kind of CRM, I had the problem about if you use Airtable to fill contacts, 1.200 or 5.000 rows are nothing for it, so I had to mix them to solve the problem. By the other hand, when you have to explain Airtable in small companies, it is quite hard to understand at the beginning…


I am thinking I might use airtable for pages and then google sheets for data that feeds into charts.

@Marine.Hovhannisyan I can still do linked records between a page that is in airtable and associated data in google sheets?

Hey @aar0n, if you mean this Linked Lists feature, then, no, you will not be able to make it work between Airtable and Google Sheets as you can not link a table in Airtable to the table in Google Sheets to make the feature work as expected.

Otherwise, please let me know if you mean some other feature so that I can give a precise reply.


How do you link records between 2 google sheets?

No, the Linked Lists feature between 2 Google Sheets will not work as Google Sheets does not have linked record column type using which you can link 2 different sheets.

Couldn’t you filter data in the API request you send to Google Sheets?

@artur tagging you as well.

I forecast my website getting close to the Airtable limit within 8 months as I scale up. Google Sheets would be great if you can filter data via the Google Sheets API so that you can simulate the linked records that Airtable has

Hi @aar0n , it seems to me that you are gonna take the longest way to achieve what you want. In case you do not want to pay for records in Airtable, and to be in 1.200 raws or whatever, why do not move records to another base of Airtable, or to Sheets?? with … and after this you connect that info to Softr in a second step?

I use both databases Airtable+Google Sheets in same project, but things that goes to Sheets are not the main one to work with the brain of the project…