Google Sheets is Live on Product Hunt! 🔥

Hey Softr Community!

We’re thrilled to announce we are officially launching our Google Sheets integration today on Product Hunt! :heart_eyes_cat:

We would LOVE if you could help us make it to #1 today with your upvote!

:heart_eyes_cat: Upvote here: Softr for Google Sheets - Turn your spreadsheets into powerful apps, without code | Product Hunt

Our mission has always been to empower billions of knowledge workers to create their own tools, using their existing data from various sources.

With the addition of Google Sheets as a data source, we’ve reached the first milestone of becoming a data source agnostic platform. Over the course of this year, we will continue to add more data sources for different use cases like SQL databases, CRM, BigQuery, Rest API and other no-code backends.

As always, huge thanks to this community for your support and feedback over the past couple of years! We could not do it without you!:heart_hands: