Google search won't index pages since I changed the database on detail list pages

I have a problem with indexed pages on google search console, maybe I should ask this question on a google forum, but giving it a shot.

From a list I have 150 pages (with “list details” on every one of them). Google search console indexed all of them. But a couple of weeks ago I changed the database from Google sheets to Airtable. And now every page got a new recordID, so the URL to these 150 pages changed. Now Google search tells me “google search console alternate page with proper canonical tag” on all these pages, therefore they are not indexed and not visible on google search.

The sitemap is correct, and google has indexed the website several times since the updated sitemap.

How can I solve this?

It seems as google won’t index pages with dynamic URL at all, when I take a closer look at one of the 150 not indexed pages, search console shows me the URL handed by me, it’s just the URL without the Slug and recordID.

(sorry for not english but the image shows the page I’m looking at (top), and what page that is supposed to be indexed according to google (bottom), without slug and recordid.