Google Maps block upgrade

Google Maps block upgrade:

  • if multiple records on exact same position, pop-up with sliding between those records
  • add-on list, list-details and/or table block the maps block so we can use the same filters and search parameters as the map.

If anyone has a custom-code solution for one of above I would be very grateful :v:

Hi @J_1
Thanks for the requests.
Let me share a workaround for the first request, meanwhile I will share the second one with the team to consider for improvements.

Indeed, currently, when there are several locations with the same address, the Google Maps marker shows the number of locations but doesn’t open each item separately (e.g. if there are several events happening at the same place, they can’t be differentiated on the Google maps)

Here is a workaround to separate the markers:

Longitude + CONCATENATE("0", ".", "0000",Random)

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing that! This actually a very workable solution for us in our use-case! Which is people in the area. Although indeed for the use case of a single venue hosting multiple events it can still be problematic.

I saw something about the ability to load the popup with an iframe or something. Maybe it can be modified in a way to have sliding cards :man_shrugging:

As for the integrate list details that auto-populates the records that are set for the map filters. If this can be provided in a standard block by Softr that would be very nice to have.

For now I’ll take this workaround. So thanks again.