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Hello! Does anyone know what process softr uses when you upload a document. Because now I upload a file (that is secret) to a google cloud bucket and I dont know what happens with the file in softr but I get an public URL in my Make webhook response. So if anyone knows please let me know!


Hi VitoKloots, welcome to the Softr Community forum!

I’m not sure I understand the question just yet. Can you say more about what information you are looking for? Or where you got stuck? And also, can you explain what your application is trying to do, for context?

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Hi dcoletta,
I am making an application where people can upload private documents for their home. Only thing is softr generates a url when you submit the form with the document attached. So are they saving this somewhere in softr?

I would have assumed that the attachment would be added to the field in Airtable that the form’s attachment field is connected to. Is that not what’s happening?

No I send it with an webhook to Make so I can upload it to a google cloud or aws s3 bucket. So I don’t know if softr is keeping the file somewhere.

Do you have any evidence that Softr is storing the file?

I think so because the reponse url is from an aws storage. But thats the think im not sure about.

what happens when you try to use that url?

When I use the url it just opens the file.

I think we need Softr support to weigh in here.

Okay I will reach out to them on their support mail. Thanks for your’e help!

@VitoKloots right now the files are stored in aws, we are looking into making it short lived there soon but right now if one has direct link to the file+hash then they can access it. Are you using our forms to submit ?

Yes because I need to use the logged in users email adres

@VitoKloots can you pls elaborate the users’ email address part ?

Well its the easiest way for now to save the file ID in airtable and assign it to the logged in user.
Because every user can have its own private files.

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