Google Calendar sync

To keep my calendar in my phone and not only in the app I developed a two-way sinc between Airtable and Google Calendar, but I guess many users would like that to be natively implemented.

And to make it even more powerful, it would be great to integrate with several calendars.

Thank you for your good work!!


Hi @angelillo
Thanks for posting!

I would be super interested in borrowing your method to two-way sync airtable and google calendar if you don’t mind sharing please.

I would also use that if it became a native feature but for now I am going to embed the google calendar in softr and see how that works.

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Hi @angelillo, as Ella mentioned, it would be very useful for our community if you could share the steps of how you configured the Airtable <-> Google Calendar connection.

Meanwhile, I added your message to our feature requests list to consider when planning further app updates!

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+1 for the 2 way sync