Google Analytics 4 integration

Hi all,

Just launched a new site on, and would like to integrate with GA next. However, it seems as though the standard integration expects Universal Analytics ID (e.g. UA-etc) instead of GA4.

As far as I can tell Google does not allow new Universal Analytics integrations anymore, and since it will be deprecated next year, I’d love to start with GA4 instead.

Does anyone have experience with integrating GA4? Is there a way to still make use of the default Softr-GA integration, or is there a workaround to add the tag on each page, or integrate through GTM instead?

Many thanks in advance and keen to hear your thoughts!


I have run into this issue too, and it has been on my list for a while to investigate. So here I go. I just set up a GA4 stream for one of my Softr sites and installed it by adding the GTM code snippet manually to the site’s custom code, in the “Code Inside Header” section.

It’s going to take some hours for data to start showing up in GA4, but my guess is that this workaround will work just fine until Softr updates the built-in integration, and then it can be removed and replaced by that.

Nice one. Thanks for confirming the workaround through GTM. That should do for now until it’s fully built-in indeed. Thanks.

Hey folks even though UI says UA-… one can set GA4 ID and it will work just fine.

That’s even better news. Thanks for clarifying, @artur !

@artur Just want to make sure you are aware that there is really no way to know that. If you follow the links in the UI for setup, it dead-ends at the Google page that says it’s not supported. I think from the point of view of prioritization, you have to consider this feature totally broken for new setups.