Goodreads but for Movies

Hello, have been building out a “Goodreads but for Movies” type web app - not a commercial project, more to explore the possibilities available with current Softr features.

Some interesting functionality included in this build (all purely using Softr and Airtable, albeit having to use Airtable Automations to create workarounds in certain instances!!):

  1. Ability to “Add Movies to My Watchlist”, so that when you go to your dashboard you can see movies that you have saved for later.

  2. Ability to leave a review on a movie, and for that review (and all reviews relevant to that movie) to then display on the movie list details page.

  3. Ability for other users to “Like” your movie review.

  4. Ability for users to follow one another, and to see what movies they have reviewed etc.

  5. When you have reviewed a movie, it automatically moves the movie from your “Watchlist” (if you had it there in the first place!) to “My Reviewed Movies” list on your Dashboard.

  6. Using an API to pull in all movie data, and this is automatically displaying on the movie list block on the home page.

Think this project could go to the next level when certain functionalities on the Softr roadmap become available e.g. ability to update / edit airtable records probably being the main one!

Anyway, fun project and there may have been easier ways to achieve some of this functionality, but sure have a look and let me know what you think!


This is amazing. Will you be doing a Youtube tutorial on how this is set up? I need exactly this for Version 2.0 of my website/app!

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Hi jfanou! Thanks :blush: just kicked off a new tutorial series to show how to build out a Web App like this one! You can see it here:

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Are you still working on this?