Good connexion link for Preview mode


When I send an invite for an user in Preview mode, the link is not good

Solution : just add to the link and the user is loggedin

But it would be nice to see it by default :wink:

Just to confirm, I think you are talking about turning on the “view test data” switch in the Users panel, then sending an email invitation via a magic link.

If so, I agree this is a bug. I confess I did not actually understand how “view test data” was supposed to work in this scenario, but from reading the docs it seems that you’re using it exactly as intended, and the link in the email should go to the preview environment, not the live one.

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@Suzie I’m confident there’s a bug here - can you please report it back to the dev team?

I did it and now I am waiting for a response :wink:

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