Global Record Restrictions

New feature: Global Record Restrictions

Tired of setting record permissions one block at a time? Now you can apply restrictions to entire user groups in Users > Data Restrictions. Data restriction rules will apply everywhere, including lists, actions, and form options. Want to prevent clients from seeing each other’s data? Set it up once and forget it.

Available features per plan:
VIEW restrictions: All plans
EDIT, DELETE, CREATE restrictions: Business & Enterprise plans

P.S.: Get ready for even more control with Global “Field” Restrictions coming in the near future


Hi Jamie. Thank you to the team for Global Data Restrictions - they’re a great help. We’re using them to give more reassurance around client and supplier access to their own data. It’s much easier with this app-wide setting.

We have found a flaw with the implementation, which I’d be grateful if you could look into? If we restrict access to records in Table 1, using a linked record from Table 2, and then add inline filters on a linked record from Table 1 to Table 3, it still shows all possible values, instead of just those values which appear in the non-restricted records.

This means restricted data is appearing in the app. Happy to share more with the Product team if it’s helpful.

Hey @NikW, thanks for the feedback! You’re absolutely right – the behaviour you’re seeing is by design.

Currently, restrictions apply only to the table where you set them. This means that even with a restriction on Table 1, linked records from Table 2 remain visible and selectable when editing the linkage. To fix your issue, you need to apply the same/similar restriction to table 2 as well. Give that a try and let me know if that fixes your concern. If you need help setting it up you can email me on with some additional details.

Question regarding the implementation logic: What if you wanted to let a user edit that linkage between table 1 and 2? In your opinion, should they always be automatically blocked from viewing/selecting from other linked record options in table 2 due to a restriction applied to table 1?