Global Blocks (Site-wide)

Using most Wordpress visual builders, there’s the option to save a section that can be edited once, and it updates on all pages that it’s on. I’d like to be able to have, for example, a single contact form on each page, and only have to edit it once when I change something.

Also the ability to have global formatting for a block, with individual changes to each one (Ex: page sliders with the same formatting, but different photos)

If this feature is already here, please let me know! I’m still learning my way around. So far Softr has been incredibly simple, but adding things to each page seems redundant at points because this feature is lacking.

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Hey Currently not available but we also think of introducing blocks library where you can store frequently used blocks and update once.


I would go one step further and request 2 things:

1. Global changes for formatting such as text colour, padding on blocks and a few other variables

2. The ability to reset formatting on each block back to the defaults. I am new to the platform and couldn’t remember what the settings were when I started to play around with them in different blocks.

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