Get user data in webhook for Make automation

Hello there,
I’m trying to build an automated workflow in Make that sends a notification in Slack whenever an action button on a record in list block is clicked by a user.
I created a webhook trigger in Make and pasted the URL in the settings of the action button and my workflow eventually gets triggered but I’m not able to get any user information in the webhook response. I need the email of the user to send my notification in Slack.
Anyone knows how to do that ?

I’m looking to do the same. I saw this video How To Build A Booking Portal with | No-Code Tutorial - YouTube which goes over how to do just that but can’t find the code snippet used in the video

thanks for the hint @bfortunato ! I finally found a way to do what I want with the new feature ‘One-click update’ combined with an airtable automation.

Got it, you use the one click update to change a dummy field in airtable and then trigger a webhook? The only thing that I have found is that airtable’s automations are pretty slow. It works for me on the back end since I know to wait 1-2 seconds but for an end user its going to seem like its not working.

exactly. Airtable automation are quite slow indeed, but that is not a problem for me since I send notification internally