Get-records-list event await async call

Is it possible to have the get-records-list event to wait for promises before resolving? I can’t seem to get this to work.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Using the get-records-list:before event to initialize the data object. The get-records-list event does not wait for the get-records:before to resolve.
  2. a myriad of code adjustments including an async addEventListerne request (e.g. window.addEventListener('get-records-team', async (e) => await onRecords(e)); )
  3. PreventDefault / stopPropogation

Video demonstration / explanation:

My current code:

async function getData(source) {
    // make data request to external API
    let res = await ASP.Read(source);

    // adjust response object to mimic Softr data object, then return
    let data = JSON.parse(res);
    return => ({
        id: n.Key,
        fields: n

async function onRecords(e) {
    let recs = e.detail;
    let data = await contacts;
    for (n in data) { recs.push(data[n]) };

window.addEventListener('get-records-team', onRecords );

// fetch data on page load
let contacts = getData('contact');