Get 2 id in the same url with softr

Good morning,

I hope that you all are ok.
I have a problem that I have been struggling with for a few days without finding the answer.

I have 3 tables in Airtable:

  • 1 Market table
  • 1 Answer table
  • 1 Attendance table

Attendance is a table allowing to make the link between:

  • 1 Market
  • Multiple Answers

I would like that with each Answer from a user, I could have in the url:

  • The id of the market concerned
  • The id of the Attendance

I could thus each time I insert a row in the Answer table insert a link in the Market and Attendance tables

Is this possible with Softr?

thanks a lot for your help

Hi again
I think I solve my problem. You have to use make like it’s written on Redirect via Webhook After Form Submission - #5 by Nickshas


This seems similar to Use Case: Job Submission with Hidden Fields