Germán, Greetings from Spain

Hello my name is Germán.
A few months ago I discovered Softr, since then I haven’t stopped developing projects and I’m in love with the app.

I am currently working on, although I also have as a secondary project.

I hope to be able to solve some doubts, continue learning and become one of the first experts to use Softr in Spain.

Thank you very much and
Good luck to all!


Welcome German,

The same thing happened to me, love at first sight with softr. There are a lot of new features coming and we all can’t wait to see what users will build upon.

Tambien se habla español !


Hi German, welcome onboard :heart: Please feel free to let us know about your doubts while building your projects! We will do our best to help!

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Thanks guys, you are great.
This week I present to you my project built with softr and I ask you some doubts and suggestions that I have written down, so that you can help me improve it.


Cool, sounds like a plan :handshake: Meanwhile, have a lovely day ahead :sunny: