Generate app from your data source + Export PDF/CSV + more!

Hi Softr Community :wave:

I am excited to share the new updates with you :raised_hands:

Generate an app from your data source

Now, you can instantly connect your Airtable or Google Sheets data to create a ready-to-customize app. Simply link your data, select relevant app pages, and generate a preconfigured app in seconds. Learn more here

New action: Export as PDF/CSV

With this new action, your users can:

  • Export block content as beautiful-looking PDF
  • Download block data as CSV

Note: This action is only available for our new β€œBeta” blocks.

Transfer workspace ownership

Now, easily switch the workspace owner in Softr. Useful for staff changes, department handovers, client transfers, or updating outdated email addresses. Only the current owner can initiate this change. Learn more here

New templates


Exciting to see these updates as usual!

Are there any demos of the Export as PDF/CSV in action? I can’t find how / where to play around with this.

  • The export action is available for new blocks only marked Beta
  • It can be set up as a regular action button :wink:

Awesome, found it! Thanks @acjnas, I look forward to playing around with it :grin:

LOVE the export as PDF feature (great for invoices)! Is there anything in the pipeline to select which blocks can be included?


That’s a great suggestion, @phelocin !! Will share with team!