General UX issues (bugs/features)


Been a while since I posted (in fact, so long that I couldn’t find the Slack group LOL)

I finally am helping my own team tweak some UX on SofR.
I did a scan of the topics here, but didn’t see a good fit. So created this which might be a catch all. We can move this to something better.

Perhaps I’m missing a way to do these things correctly?

  • The first sentence on a page shows up anywhere between 10px and 300px below the top depending on Brownser. FireFox 10px, Chrome 300px down.

  • Dynamic Pricing CardWidget - ‘Multiple billing cycles’ - this seems to FORCE a ‘Yearly (O__) Monthly’ - Why is it YEAR first?

  • Your pricing lists have GREEN CHECK MARKS, but you also need RED DOTs. This is an example of a common programmer failure I labels as #NegativeNegatives. Other examples are search engines that don’t let you force -“not” to see something.

Hello @mynameiski,

Thanks for your feedback.

Please be informed that we are going to make changes in our Pricing next year and we will surely take your feedback into account :slight_smile:


So, on all 3 items (2 bugs, one feature request) the answer is - ‘yup, eventually?’ :slight_smile:

The Pricing options are going to be changed fully, we’ll take these points into account when we have the final version :slight_smile:

You have a strong future in diplomacy or politics.



Hey @mynameiski,

I am very sorry I confused the Pricing block with Softr Pricing page :frowning: There was a miscommunication.

I will now discuss the provided details with the team and will keep you posted.

How are we doing with those other items above?

I’m going to use this same thread for new items as well.

Today’s issue: Smarter integration.

See how we can build a filter with TAGS?

Yeah, cool, BUT, the way this should also work is the Tags themselves should be pulled from a table in AirTable!

Right now for us to update the tags you’re forcing us to load up Softr JUST to do this one thing.


Hey @mynameiski,

Regarding your feedback about the pricing block, please be informed that I have also shared it with our product team and when improving the block all the mentioned points will be considered.

Thanks once again for your feedback.

Regarding Inline Filters, we have a ticket on this @mynameiski and will have it worked on. When the update is released the inline filter would automatically update when new options appear in Airtable and you will not need to refresh connection in Softr to make them appear.