Gallery with sliding images block - issue with third party integration + missing size adjusting in Softr

Currently, it’s not possible to adjust the size of the images when I’m using the Gallery with sliding images block. Even with the workaround of adjusting the size of the images outside of Softr (as via Figma for example) your third-party integration always generates their own format which makes it currently impossible for me to add the images I want to as they’re not in the right format.

It’d be great to a) be able to adjust the size of the image + 2) even have the same functionality as for other parts of Softr with images where you can make the image fit by selecting “contain”.

Are you aware of that and is it possible to fix that?

Hey @Julian,

I’ll make sure to check this and pass your feedback to the team. Will make sure to keep you posted once there is an update.