Galleries with Image Descriptions

Hi All,

More of a suggestion, I guess. I see some other users are also looking for better Gallery features.

It would be amazing to have image title/descriptions & have it appear over the image on mouse over - image fades to 50% & text appears over image. Then when clicking on the image to show in full size, have the title/descriptions appear somewhere - possibly below the image.

I am currently using the image scroller - it could be great to have an option to increase or decrease the speed of scrolling + above features, with option to turn on/off.

I currently put the image description in the image al text, but it’s not ideal. Also the alt text doesn’t appear on mobile devices.

Could be nice to have a single line gallery (similar to the image scroller) with the option to click through (left right ), rather than scrolling.

Possibly even have a random order generator so the images aren’t always in the same order when the site is visited by the same user multiple times…but that’s just getting crazy :slight_smile:

Has anybody out there managed to find a work-around, or just REALLY want some additional gallery features? Unfortunately this feature is very important for what I am building. I probably should have checked it earlier in my process :slight_smile:

Please comment below if any of these features (or others) appeal to you for image galleries.

Thanks so much,

Hi @acp73, thanks for sharing your sugegstions on the Gallery block. I added them to our feature requests list to be considered when planning ruther block improvements.

Meanwhile, if no one offers any solutions, what you can also do is you can use embedded codes in your Softr app to add the missing features to it. We have a block called Custom Code for this purpose.

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