Funnel to enable multi step user generated content libraries

Hi there, i am building an aggregator for content around science and tech news -

Following Challenges:

  1. I have an airtable setup with 10 tables, linked fields which is working all fine.
  2. A user can own several projects. But a project can only be owned by one user.
  3. To setup a projects you need to upload different content that is stored in different tables and via LinkedRecords attributed to the individual project.
  4. The project page is a combination of different list elements, linked to different tables.

Problem: After the project creation workflow, SOFTR does not know which project to display. It picks a random project from the table but not the recent one that was just finished.

How can i change that? Thanks lot in advance :slight_smile:

Hi hrk,

I solved this issue by having 1 column in your user-table that functions as a temporary field that you can let (via an automation in Airtable) continuously overwrite with whatever you want. Only the last trigger is there for Softr to look for.

Thanks, i solved it now - relatively fragile - with a timestamp difference calculation and a resulting flag “last project”. It is basically your approach without the automation as i can use the timestamps. thanks a lot again