Full screen image previews

When clicking image gallery images / images, the lightbox preview barely covers half the screen in my experience.
Is there any way the preview can be made larger with some custom code? ideally full screen?
It would be vastly appreciated if anyone has any solutions.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @SdogEinnarg,

I will check this and will keep you posted.

Can you share a gallery link to check this issue, and then I share my experience?

Hey @SdogEinnarg,

Please share a URL where I can see the issue, could not reproduce this on my end.

Hi both of you, apologies for not getting back immediately, I’ve been really tied up.

I’ve made a sample page to simulate the same thing. Once you click on the one item in the list, you will be taken to the detail. Clicking on the main image only previews to half the screen. If I could make full screen previews work, I would apply it to other areas of my site, not just in this situation.

link below:

Can you check this project, click on a list item and click image gallery?

Maybe this approach works better for you.

Ah, that’s more towards what I’m looking for. It would be nice if it shaded the rest of the screen in the process (like my attachment). How is your example achieving that full screen preview?

Hey sure,

It is making use of the library PinchZoom from “https://unpkg.com/pinch-zoom-js@2.3.5/dist/pinch-zoom.min.js

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Thanks for that! I’m a fully fledged no-coder with only bits and pieces of knowledge that have gotten me so far, so this is a bit over my head. I’m guessing I would need to have some code understanding to know how to implement this? I guess I was anticipating there might be a snippet of code I can paste into the custom code area on Softr, or something like that!

Irrespective whether I can utilise your suggestion, perhaps it will be useful to someone else!