Freelancer Template Question

I am Softr noob so maybe dumb question:
Freelance Template:
So in the Airtable table named Freelancers there is a field called Approved with is toggle on/off.
I can’t figure out what page in the template allows you to control this field.
Seems like you would need to be in admin mode.
Does this need to be built or does this assume you just go manually into AT and edit ?


Hey, welcome!

Every field on your tables (from airtable) can be edited by registered users to your app via front end.
First make sure you are on the right softr plan to use this feature, and then check out the docs for editing permissions and user groups, so you can define what airtable fields users can edit or not.

Thanks - I understand that part. It appears to me there is a way for an admin to basically approve a listing. Since you wouldn’t want the user to be able to approve their own listing. Hopefully that makes sense - see the column marked approved in the table

When your user submits a listing, there is an option on your form config called hidden field.

  1. Go to your form config
  2. Enter a new field, and choose hidden field as field type
  3. Map your hidden field type to your approval airtable field.
  4. Enter ‘NO’ as the value on this hidden field.

Now, every submitted listing will remain unapproved until you say so.

Ok that would be same result as just not including it since the default in airtable is no. I think i figured this out i would just need to build form only visible to me that would let me update the AT records via Softr vs manually editing in AT. Thanks for your help