Fortman's peer to peer chat use case

Has anyone implemented and used the peer to peer chat that Fortman created and, if so, how well has it worked?

Also, he wasn’t terribly clear on airtable setup, so if you have used it, what are all of the airtable fields that you created?

Don’t have to get incredibly detailed, just want to see the table fields.

Sorry if the video was unclear about the setup, I made that video in a hurry.

You just need 3 tables: Users, Conversations, and Messages

Here is a link to a basic template used in the video:

You can use the base schema extension to see whats linked and where

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Thank you so much! I got the template, now I can use it as a guide to setup what we are doing.

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I have another question for you if you don’t mind. Is there any way to refresh the page without having to manually refresh? Like when a new post is made by whoever you’re talking to, the page automatically refreshes if that makes sense? I attempted it with a script in the header but I had to put it on a timer and, of course, it forces a refresh regardless if whether the page was in use or not.