Format of date field in Add record action

Hi, I’m having a date field in the Add record action. When selecting this field, the only option I have is a date picker and it’s long to position when, for exemple, I want to specify a date in the past (ex. 1959-01-01). Is there a way to allow entering the date ? Also, in update mode, it shows up as january 1 1959, instead of in the ISO format I use.

Hi, I have the same issue. Will be good at least, permit to write on the text box the date… I’m using the Update Action on my records. Also, if I want to delete the date, it’s not possible.

Same here. If I need to add a birth date or someone over 40, which is 90% of our demographic, the amount of time spent clicking is ridiculous.

Piling on here! Would love some updates to the date picker. Maybe with the conditional forms release? :-). Need to be able to null out a date if one has been selected. Would like to be able to enter date directly as well.

Hey Folks, we are already working on the improvement of this to make the navigation through years smoother when picking.

Same problem here, any update on this matter? :slight_smile:

@Andranik Any updates on this. It is really needed

@Andranik Any updates on this?

Hey Folks,
This is expected in Mid February with the release of Forms 2.0 stay tuned!


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