Form with a custom redirect or another creative solution?

I’m trying to get two actions on a button - to send data to my airtable, and to then open an external URL that is different depending on the record - does anyone know how I could do this?

The use case:
When someone is applying to a job via ClimateU, I want to be able to track that “apply” button click - to know who clicked on it and on which job, and to then forward the jobseeker to the URL where they can actually send in their application.

I thought I could just use a form, delete all fields, and only keep the “submit” button and to then redirect to the URL, but I can only redirect to one specific domain.

Does anyone have an idea for a smooth way of making this happen?

It would be HUGE for me to make this work and very crucial to track the impact of the platform.

Thanks so much in advance and happy Wednesday! :slight_smile: