Form or custom code? Any advice is welcome

I need to have a input screen (questionairy like) where the user sees questions and the option to answer them.
The number of questions and questions itself are variable depending on the subject the user choose (max 6). every answer needs to be stored in a separate record in airtable with some extra variables. The questions are in a table in airtable as well (seperatly stored).

So on one page you have max 6 questions with answer options.
Each set of question and answer needs to be stored in a seperate record
The questions are stored in a separate table having over 100 questions, divided in different subjects. Each subject will have a max of 6 questions.

Can this be done with some form or maybe custom code?

I already tried it in softr and fillout, but cannot get it to work other then typing all the questions myself. I would rather have it pulled from the database and have a recurring block of some kind depending on the subject you choose.

Hi, there,

This doesn’t directly answer your question, but for my part, as the form was very complicated, I used CognitoForms.

You can use it in an iframe or as a script (even better) in a custom code block.

Thanks, I did not know that one. I will take a look. Can you connect it with airtable?

Unfortunately not. I have to use a Make Scenario …

You can use forms, it has native airtable integration support and is very very powerful

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Check that too :