Form input names vs values (and AirTable primary keys)

This is a general question for the community or perhaps a Softr team member.

Is there a way to display a “name” in a form field, but the “value” submitted for that selection is different?

A rather standard primary use case can be really simple, for example when a user signs up for the service I want them to select their country, eg “United States”, but the database should contain a Country Code of “US”. Or perhaps their language gets set to “en-US” based on this input. I know I can do this with expensive Automations in AirTable as a post-record/field change action, but this doesn’t help with UI load and display on the front end.

This can be extended, for example, where a user selects one of many Addresses. The display should be the address name, but the value would be the primary key or record_id.

Conditional forms would be impossible to use for this scenario at scale, since this is traversing the same row rather than actually building finite known conditional use cases.

The reason I SHOULD NOT simply make the Primary Key the friendly address name is

  1. if I want to lookup the address record on a page using a URL parameter I do not want to send the address (sensitive PII) in the URL as the lookup field.
  2. Primary keys should be Unique, there is no guarantee that 123 Main St is unique, at scale.

Thoughts on either of these issues/questions?