Form in details block - fields based on current record

Hello, is there any way to base form values be based on my current record details?

My case is that in record details i have button to open modal with form, that will add record - and one of the fields should be association to current record - so I would like to have this field already prefilled (and hidden) with current record ID, so User won’t have to choose it since it is in its details already - is it possible without custom code?

Edit: ok, i see itis possible when my field would have “hidden” type. When i had it as “Dropdown” it wasn’t possible. Maybe it will help someone;]

Hey @pan_sarin,

Yes, you need to add a hidden field please, then use the current record parameter, then choose the record ID field related to the table that is connected to the list detail block.

With hidden fields you can grab also other info of a logged in user, check this article for more details > Layout: Customizable Form – Softr Help Docs