Form Field - Add signature attachment

Have ability to sign form then attach signature to Airtable field upon submission.


Planned, any particular provider you like @Nick ?

Thanks. No particular provider. I like being able to sign with finger when using mobile.

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Is this still planned? I don’t see it on the Roadmap page

Not yet we are happy to first help to integrate via custom code. Can you DM us via chat to talk about this ?

Yes! Will do!

Hi @artur, Is this something you can DM the solution to please?

I need this functionality as well!

I really hope you can help, thanks!

Folks are there solutions you would prefer to have ? or any easy/simple image with signature would work ?


Hi @artur a simple drawing field type for drawing a signature would be great. I’m thinking it could save as a image file and connect to a file type field in airtable. Doesn’t need to be a docusign or electronic verified signature right now

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Hi @artur . Just wanted to check in re the esignature function and how the process is going? Also the function being developed, is it an integration with another company like docusign or a native softr functionality? Thanks!

@artur I’m seconding this. A simple function will work for now. We are using forms to pupulate record fields that then get integrated into “Documint” for a final PDF generation.

Complete integration with Docusign or Box could be nice too.

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