Form features / how do I...?

Trying to figure out a few things regarding getting forms to do what I want. Searched knowledge docs but couldn’t find answers to these…

  • can a user “add an option” when selecting a multiple select drop down option?

  • can drop down or multi select options pull options from airtable field in real-time rather than from the softr pre-added options?? It looks like this might be a forms 2.0 feature that’s coming but can’t tell for sure?

  • (this may need to be done through airtable magic) but can the options presented in a drop down selector be made user specific?

Thx all!

Hey @DamoNomad,

  1. Regarding your first question, you mean having an ability to add an additional option when displaying the dropdown list?

  2. It’s a coming feature will be available soon :slight_smile: We are working on it.

  3. Can you please clarify your question?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response! Some clarifications:

  1. yes, similar to when I click on an airtable field and add in a selection not already available as one of the multi or single selects. Use case would be the user wants to add a tag to a record that isnt already included in the default list. This actually leads right into my #3 question…

  2. say for example there are record tags (using a multi select field) that each individual user creates for themselves. they are unique to that user (because they created them and they “live” in say a user data table in airtable) so when the user pulls up a record, they have access to use their personal tags, which would be different than the tags available in the Softr dropdown window for another user.

Thank you!


Thanks for the clarification, @DamoNomad,

I will add these requests to our list surely :slight_smile: